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Leadership in Place

Shorefast’s CEO & Founder, Zita Cobb, on the importance of local leadership in the places we live.

Andria Hickey joins Shorefast and Fogo Island Arts as Head of Programs

Zita Cobb delivers the Keynote at the Evergreen Conference

Shorefast's CEO joined thought leaders, community members, private and public sector innovators, and city builders from across the country to talk about place as key to a resilient and connected future.

Rocks have Stories to Tell – A Conversation with Geologist-in-Residence Peter Croal

Throughout the year, Shorefast welcomes a variety of practitioners ranging from geologists to artists to chefs to Fogo Island. An intended outcome is the exchange of ideas and perspectives that can lay the groundwork for reflection, pause, and new ways of seeing the world in front of us.  

Crafting for Connection

Shorefast programming provides people with a place to connect with their neighbours and learn more about the culture and nature of Fogo Island. 

Art & Climate Change 

Fogo Island Arts’ partnership with the National Gallery of Canada, the World Weather Network, and contemporary artist Liam Gillick, is shaping a global conversation around art, climate, and the importance of place.  

Cultural Innovation: A Community Talk with Architect Todd Saunders

Design and architecture can be used to stimulate innovation and give centuries-old knowledge, traditions, and culture an economic foundation.

Understanding our Geographic Context: The Importance of the Labrador Current 

As an organization grounded in a place-based approach to economic development, we always start with what is in front of us.   

Community Science on Fogo Island

Engaging community members in ocean research means they bring their historical, cultural, industrial, and lived experience to each project.

Chatting with Community Host Rosemarie Burke

Food for Thought: Reinforcing our local economy through an appreciation of our foodways

Know your neighbours, know yourself,” a conversation between Zita Cobb & Michael Bungay Stanier.

Zita’s Story

Zita Cobb was born on Fogo Island in 1958, part of the eighth generation in her family to call the island home. Forced to leave the island after the collapse of the inshore cod fishery, she and her family ended up in Ontario, Canada where she studied business in Ottawa.

Cauliflower Thinking

Fogo Island is a small floret with big stories. Here, we share these stories to present varying views on life, work, and art on this Island in the North Atlantic.

Zita Cobb joins thought leaders to discuss paradigm shifts in how we think about capital and the economy 

Exploring Seaweed Cultivation on Fogo Island

Fogo Island’s Annual Scholarship Program

Liam Gillick unveils a Weather Station on Fogo Island

In the Punt with PJ Decker

The Floret—Ernst Hupel

The Floret—Mackenzie Hewitt

The Floret—Jonathan Gushue

A Living, Breathing Ode to the Mighty Punt: The New Punt Premises Opens 



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Farr and Away

Fogo Island: A far away comeback story

Zita Cobb’s 2023 Thomas d’Aquino Lecture on Leadership

Shorefast’s Head of Programs on CBC Radio

I Did it My Way: Zita Cobb, founder of Canada’s Fogo Island Inn

“Farr and Away” – A collaboration between Christopher Farr Cloth and Fogo Island Workshops

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