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Shorefast is a registered charity that is forging a new path at the intersection of business, philanthropy, and community economic development. Our suite of community businesses are designed to be economic engines driving towards our mission: To unleash the power of place so local communities can thrive in the global economy. All our business surpluses are directed to supporting Shorefast’s holistic set of programs and initiatives and distilling learnings to share with other enterprising communities across Canada.

Together, our work represents an intentional effort to think holistically about how to find a way of life that is equitable, dignified, sustainable – and joyful.

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Community Economies

Shorefast is spearheading a pan-Canadian Community Economies initiative devoted to advancing place-based community economic development.

Fogo Island Inn

A 29-room award-winning inn that has become a global icon of regenerative tourism in hospitality. All operating surpluses from Fogo Island Inn are reinvested into Shorefast. There is no private gain.

Economic Nutrition

Shorefast’s Economic Nutrition is a pricing transparency tool that demonstrates where the money goes and who benefits from the purchase.

Fogo Island Arts

A residency-based contemporary art and ideas program that supports research, production, and cultural exchange.

Fogo Island Fish

A supplier of responsibly harvested seafood from the waters around Fogo Island to Canadian fine dining restaurants and consumers.

Environmental Stewardship

A set of place-based initiatives to help meet the climate challenge, with a particular focus on our relationship with the North Atlantic Ocean.

Fogo Island Workshops

A collection of furnishings that reflect Fogo Island's centuries of knowledge in boat building, furniture making, and textile-based craft expertise, combined with contemporary design.

Growlers Ice Cream

Operating seasonally on Fogo Island, Growlers Ice Cream showcases flavours celebrating local berries and foodways. Its name comes from the small chunks of ice that break from icebergs or glaciers.


A new restaurant that celebrates local ingredients, offers a contemporary take on Fogo Island’s culinary traditions, and brings people together to share knowledge and deepen community.

Heritage Preservation

A set of initiatives devoted to preserving knowledge and restoring heritage homes and buildings.

Youth Programming

Mentorship programs, scholarships, and local activations designed to engage Fogo Island’s youth and student community.

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