Heritage Preservation

Shorefast has invested in restoring over 20 heritage properties, including homes, churches, and public buildings in order to preserve, share, and foster contemporary relevance for the traditional ways of knowing that tie people to place.

The wooden structures of Fogo Island have withstood the harshest Northeast gales. The good news? Salt air preserves, and there is a lot of life left in even the most neglected of buildings in our community.

Devoted to knowledge preservation as well as encouraging engagement with the heritage assets of the inshore fishery, the Punt Premises is one example of Shorefast’s many heritage restoration projects.

The Punt Premises is home to Shorefast’s fleet of punt boats and an evolving curation of cultural artifacts including cod traps, boatbuilding tools, fishing gear, photos, and other noteworthy items that are associated with the traditional inshore fishery. The Punt Premises brings to life how a family made a living in the vibrant inshore fishing era on which our outport culture was founded. It has become a platform for a range of cultural and community engagement activities