American Friends of Shorefast

Shorefast US fund is a wholly independent not-for-profit corporation established in Delaware in 2019. The mandate of the organization is to build environmental, economic, and cultural resilience on fogo island and to research and share learnings related to community economic development.

As a 501(c)(3) organization registered with the IRS, Shorefast US Fund is able to accept tax-deductible contributions, providing donors with the option of receiving tax relief in the United States. Unless otherwise specified, your donation will be used for Shorefast’s general support, without restriction.



Please make your check payable to Shorefast US Fund and mail the check in US dollars, along with your complete mailing information, to:

Shorefast US Fund
PO BOX 802
Conway, WA 98238-9800

Wire Transfer

To make a donation by wire transfer please email

Upon receipt, the gift will be recorded and Shorefast US will provide you, the donor, with a written acknowledgement of the gift, as required by the IRS. Your letter will be sent a few weeks after your donation is received and will follow IRS requirements, including the dollar value of the gift and the date received.

Thank you for your generosity.