Shorefast Vision

We imagine a future for Fogo Island and Change Islands where practical plans will help spark a unified process of economic renaissance.

We imagine a future where this place – one of the four corners of the earth as the Flat Earth Society happily describes it – becomes a centre for a sustainable fishery, arts, discovery and innovation.

And we imagine a future where a rich culture, history and people come together to create a unique destination and a model for community innovation and cultural resilience at the edge of the North Atlantic.

We’re not, happily, short of imagination.

Our Goals

Our goal is, by leading with the arts, to make a meaningful contribution to the continued cultural, economic and social resiliency of Fogo Island and Change Islands.

We want to create a world-renowned destination for artistic, cultural, ecological and culinary pursuits at “the edge of the earth”. Our projects will build on the people, culture and ecology of the islands to create a leading destination for geotourism and to build another leg to the economy of this special place.

Our Key Objectives

  • To lead with the arts to stimulate creativity and innovation in a knowledge economy
  • To preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of the island; to preserve and promote traditional values, traditions and skills
  • To support economic diversification through the development of world renowned geotourism products
  • To develop a sustainable economy rooted in the cultural and natural resources of the island
  • To put Fogo Island on the world map as a model for rural renaissance, diversity and prosperity
  • To integrate the geotourism product with ongoing fisheries development to realize a sustainable fisheries in light of the challenges and opportunities of global markets
  • To position Fogo Island as a leading centre for a progressive ocean ethic – a destination for learning and knowledge about a sustainable responsible relationship with the ocean
  • To foster a robust entrepreneurial economy on the island
  • To create jobs and opportunities in highly skilled occupations
  • To improve the islands capacity for innovation, team work and risk taking – to be successful in a 21st century economy

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