Geology at the Edge

Canada’s first community-focused Geology Residency Programme

A photo of rocksThe Geology At The Edge Residency Programme was established to add to the body of knowledge on and about Fogo Island and Change Islands, NL. The rocks know all, and their lessons are of great value in building community capacity as we find new paths forward in addressing challenges facing rural communities in Canada.

Geology At The Edge integrates the preservation of geological heritage into Shorefast’s overall strategy for sustainable economic development.The programmes delivered by geologists-in-residence draw attention to the value of Fogo Island’s geo-diversity through education initiatives focused on natural science, cultural heritage and traditional ways of knowing. Geology At The Edge also supports Shorefast’s efforts in geotourism — tourism that creates conditions for the socio-economic wellbeing of local communities while maintaining their cultural and ecological integrity.

Geology At the Edge actively promotes the programme to international applicants working in Earth Sciences who are interested in spending up to three months on the Islands helping the community to unlock the stories of the rocks. The programme provides an opportunity for professional geologists to pursue their research interests and contribute to the community through public education, outreach activities and geology-based interpretive hiking tours. The programme also has a youth focused component with activities to support the work of resident Geologists and the Geology Education & Research Centre, providing insight into higher education and occupation opportunities in this field.

Thanks to the generosity of Husky Energy, the Geological Research and Education Centre has been established as the physical base of operations. Housed in a renovated heritage building, the Centre will host public education and outreach activities including lectures, workshops and guided tours of geo-trails. The Centre will also function as space for displaying geological collections, a library for geological reference materials, and an archive for geologist-in-residence research. This new facility will be operational in the Spring of 2015.

Geology At The Edge runs alongside other residency programmes on Fogo Island, resulting in a creative mix of disciplines including artists, geologists, business and other academic researchers on the Island at any given time. These programmes have contributed to an atmosphere of collaboration between locals, residency participants and other visitors creating a broad network of individuals sharing in the history and lessons of the Islands through the rocks.



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