Jim Edwards carvingWe believe culture is crucial to human wellbeing and the strength of our communities both on these islands and in our society as a whole.

Shorefast supports a number of community projects on Fogo Island that are intended to stimulate, catalyse and promote the local culture and heritage.

Culture is a touchstone. It is what we, as a people, know and value; it is how we know who we are; it is how we make sense of the world. Culture gives vitality to our spirit and defines us as people.

We live in a world where cultures everywhere are under assault. Culture is being homogenized and flattened. Younger people, in particular, are being formed and informed by what comes in on a computer screen. Their view is of a glossy and often glib digital world; a consumerist way of life vastly different from their own roots and distant from the natural world.

Culture and heritage are sources of inspiration and courage. They give us a discipline and a freedom to fuel our passion and curiosity and they let us move forward, finding new ways built on the old ways.

That’s why it’s so essential that communities stay active in preserving and protecting their own culture, their own unique ways of knowing and their own unique ways of being. Because if we don’t, it will, bit by bit, disappear and we will be like the fish in a tub of water – not realizing what we have until the water evaporates away.

The Shorefast Foundation initiated and supports the following cultural events:

The Great Fogo Island Punt Race to There and Back
• The Fogo Island Partridgeberry Harvest Festival

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