Initiatives underway on Fogo Island continue to garner significant media attention. We are grateful for the continued interest in our work. A select group of feature articles on Shorefast initiatives are below:

“This Is the Most Remote and Magical Hotel on Earth” (article) – Bloomberg Pursuits
“Society of United Fishermen’s Hall on Barr’d Island back to life” (article) – Lewisporte Pilot
Transformation: One Community at a Time” (video) – D3 2014 Presentation by Zita Cobb
The Possibility of an Island in Canada” (article) – New York Times Magazine
Can an Inn Save Newfoundland’s Fogo Island” (article) – Newsweek
MoneyTalk: A one-on-one with Zita Cobb” (video) – Business News Network
Why A Tiny Canadian Island Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination” (article) – Forbes
Fogo Island Inn Puts Newfoundland on the Luxury Map” (article) – Forbes
Fogo Island, Canada: Tales of the Unexpected” (article) – The Telegraph
On Tiny Fogo Island, a Hotel Puts a Focus on Design” (article) – The New York Times
At the end of the Earth” (article) – Domus
The Big Idea: Canada’s rural areas are in decline, one woman has a solution” (article/video) — Global/West Block
Canada 2014: 10 Places You’ve Got to See” (article/video in top menu) — MacLean’s
Entrepreneurship” (video) — Monocle
Architecture & Art” (video) – Monocle
CBC NL and Labrador Feature – Fogo Island” (article) – CBC NL
Iwan Baan: Ingenious homes in unexpected places” (video) – TED Talks
What we can learn from the 10 biggest wins and losses of the year” (article) – Globe & Mail
Paddy Harrington: Arts + Technology = Design” (video) – Creative Mornings


Ocean Ethic Initiatives

Prepared for a Petrol Spill: Fogo Island Fish Harvesters Trained to Deploy Oil Boom (article) – CBC News 
End Of Plastic Grocery Bags On Fogo Island
(article) – The Pilot
Prevention is the key (article) – The Pilot
Cod pot fishing method a hit with Fogo Island fishermen, chefs (article/video) – CBC
Saving Fogo and Change Islands (article) – Canadian Geographic
New Ocean Ethic; Citizen science on the horizon (article) – The Pilot
Healthy ocean key to Fogo Island’s future (article) – The Telegram
The Beginning of the End of Plastic Shopping Bags on Fogo Island (article) – The Telegram
Canada Ocean Lecture Series (article) – The Pilot

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